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STUDY: Top Niches With Highest CPC (Cost Per Click) in the US.

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Making Money online is an option most bloggers dream of but its not that easy to make decent money online. But if you focus your energy in the right direction you might end up hitting the jackpot.

Internet marketing and online shopping is most popular in US and I am going to focus on US itsself in this article. Advertisers in US are willing to pay huge amounts of money in Niches where there is tough competition and sometimes the CPC for a single Ad can be as high as $50.

If you are a blogger and want to earn decent money then you can target a Niche which yields highest CPC.

Choosing a Niche is the most important decision one can make. Its just like choosing what kind of business you want to get into to make money. Of course business with high ROI (Return Of Investment) is attractive but it also comes with huge cut throat competition.

I have studies various Articles on the Internet and come up with topmost Niches which are very popular amongst advertisers who are actually willing to pay huge amounts of money for a single click.

Below is a list of Niches with the Highest CPC.

1Credit Cards$47.94$34.91
7Legal Attorney$20.20$18.70

Below is a list of Niches with the Highest Average CPC.

RankCategoryAvg CPC
2Legal Attorney25.87

Based on the above study it seems like Credicard, Donation, Education are the top 3 Niches whose keywords have huge demand which is followed by Finance, Credicard Insurance, Legal Attorney and Marketing and Technology is at the bottom of the top most CPC list.

But generally Creditcard, Insurance, Attorney, Technology and Marketing are Niches which have huge volumes (number of queries each day) of queries in USA even though there highest CPC is a little less the chances of real clicks happening are more.

Using this information you can surely plan your next step in blogging. The kind of content you can add to your blog can be based on the above study but always keep these things in mind

1. There is no substitute for hard work,
2. No shortcut to success and
3. Content is always King in Internet world (Said it millions of times).

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