NOKIA N8: Used for shooting Stop Motion Movie "Gulp". - latest tech tips

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NOKIA N8: Used for shooting Stop Motion Movie "Gulp".

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Just when we think Nokia is gone and out here is another piece of wonder from Nokia. Apparently Nokia N8 was used to shoot World's Largest Stop Motion Movie called "Gulp". Using a smart phone for shooting a movie is not new thing but a stop motion movie is certainly tried for the first time.

In all there were 3 Nokia N8 phones used for the shooting of the movie. Gulp means swallowed and the whole story revolves around a fisher man and how a chain reaction is created once he catches a fish and a fish swallows the fisher man.

Interestingly even though the Nokia N8 phones were used to create this great video. The video was created using still images from Nokia N8 phone which were later stitched together to create an optical illusion of a video movie. That means the video capability of the Nokia N8 is actually not used in the making of the movie gulp.

Never the less using a smartphone to create the worlds largest Stop Motion Movie itself is a great feat that too with some snaps shot at night and that too the worlds largest Stop Motion Movie.

Enjoy the making of the movie in the below video.

‪DailyMotion: Gulp. The making of by KathimeriniKinisi

If you are not able to see the movie directly here please click here

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