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NOKIA: Beginning Of The End Of An ERA!

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Some time back I wrote about Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's inspirational letter to NOKIA employees. I also mentioned that I am a Nokia Loyalist but can't hold on Nokia until it does something cool in smartphone industry. Then came a shocker "Nokia tied up with Windows Phone 7".

Nokia must have got billions of Dollars from Microsoft for this marriage between Nokia and Microsoft as dowry. I even saw the Mango Sea Ray Preview of Nokia phone and was slightly disappointed. Then my wife lost her mobile and then came the turning point.

I took her to our Mobile Store from where I have taken almost every mobile I bought. My wife was a Nokia fan and was annoyed when I recommended her to buy Samsung Monte. To my surprise she said her new phone will be Samsung (how customers change loyalties).

Then we looked at Samsung Galaxy S 9003. Then the Sales guy showed me LG Optimus P790. Spec wise and UI experience wise I loved the LG, but was confused about the after sales service. He told Samsung, LG both are having same reputation (I guess he meant equally bad not sure).

Then casually I asked How are Nokia phones selling? He gave me a sympathy look and said they have stopped selling them (smartphones). He added "Only Android Phones are sold now a days in his store". A feeling a sadness creped in me as if some close relative must have died.

The sales guy also mentioned had this phone been a Nokia with Android "Customers would not have thought so much before buying a phone due to level of trust in Nokia which is still there". But people can't go with trust and buy outdated technology and be a part of a poor ecosystem.

Today while Nokia has a really good hardware they really lag in software i.e. OS. The whole ecosystem thing Stephen Elop had mentioned in his letter to his employees was so real and yet he made the decision to go with Microsoft. I am not sure what miracle will save Nokia now but clearly it looks like Nokia's days as a dominant Mobile maker are over.

This article is more emotional than technical so please excuse and now please don't ask me which phone we bought lolz any guesses?

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