HOW TO: Cancel Accidental Friends Requests on Facebook. - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Cancel Accidental Friends Requests on Facebook.

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Today I accidentally sent a friends request on Facebook to an unknown person thanks to Facebook's everything single click UI. I wanted to check mutual friends and ended up clicking the link below, which is used to send friends request.

As Facebook security has been in the buzz since a long time I though it would be better to immediately withdraw the accidental friends request. I started finding ways of withdrawing my friends request to that unknown person and quickly found the answer.

Its very simple all you have to do is:

1. Just visit the persons profile you just sent friends request.
2. Just at the bottom left of his profile page you will find links to Cancel Friend Request link.

3. If the person has accepted your friends request simply click on UnFriend link.

So today you learnt how to Cancel Friends Request and How to UnFriend irritating people on Facebook.
These tricks are especially useful when old friends fail to recognize you (for whatever reason) and put your request on hold for long time. You can simply cancel the friends request to satisfy your ego..heheh lolz.

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