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Top 5 Reasons for less CPC in Google AdSesnse

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Many times it so happens that you get many visitors to your website, the visitors also click on those Ads you placed in your website but the earnings you get is very less than your expectation After loads of research I found out few main reason for low CPC.

There are many factors which really decide your CPC. The exact calculation algorithm (which click gets how much money) are only with Google but here are certain reasons why you might see 1 click getting 0.5$ and other getting 0.01$.

If you are getting very less CPC (Cost Per Click) on a consistent basis then here could be the Top 5 reasons.

1. Niche:
This is something very important and very critical. Niche means a particular area of business related to which you write content on. Some Niches pay handsomely and some pay very less. For example Forex, Loans and Mortgages etc are amongst top paying niches and Web Development, BPO etc pay fairly less. To get an idea of various niches and their estimated incomes read this.

2. Market Situation:
This is very subjective yet important if economy is not doing well there are very few bidders and the demand for good ad keywords is less and hence you might end up getting paid less. Economic situation plays a key role but search for information is in demand today and will remain so for ever, so internet will remain a fairly good source of income even in future.

3. Location:
This is my personal experience that Ads clicked by people from the West especially USA and UK get you more $ than other Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc. Possible reason for this could be that the Ads shown are from those regions and the Advertisers in those regions might not be willing to shell out huge amounts of money. One advantage of Asian traffic is the volume its just tremendous so it eventually evens out. Many people even write content which attract potentially high paying readers there is nothing wrong in it its a kind of Business after all.

4. Ads Placement and Content:
Well if you clutter your website more with Ads and less with content chances of your Ads getting clicked is also very less because the user might get a bad impression of your blog looking at the quantity of Ads. Try to place your ads in a manner which would look more like related links rather than prominent Ads. Google gives you options to blend your Ads with content. The Ads units just below post title and at the bottom are very fruitful also if you have a Ad unit which compliments the side bar also can generate fair amount of clicks.

Well content is King I must have said it 100 times before and its so important. Good content is liked by readers and unique content  is loved by the Search Engines. If you have quality content which makes your readers coming back again and again certainly increase your chances of getting very good organic as well as direct traffic and also more and more quality clicks.

5. Google AdSense Policy violation:

Many foolish people click on their own Ads, ask readers to click on Ads, ask people and friends to click on ads and many such stupid things, they think Google is a fool. Remember Google is in this business for more than a decade and that too on top. They have highly smart algorithms to detect invalid clicks so if you are involved in such activity just stop it right away. Read the Google AdSense Program Policies in case you are not yet clear.

If your blog falls into any of the above mentioned categories then here is a chance to reassess your strategy. Generate smart cool content get more readers and take your blog seriously and earn serious money.

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