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Top 10 Most Followed Google+ Celebrity Accounts

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Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook. It all revolves around privacy and selective sharing. No more bombarded notifications like Facebook. Even if you are tagged in a photo you will be asked to confirm it. Having said all this its a curious question as to who are the top 10 people followed on Google+.

Facebook has a final say even here as the No#1 spot is captured by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The list is very interesting as Mark has more in fact double followers than Larry Page who was one of the Co Founders of Google.

# Picture Name Location Friends Followers
#1 Mark Zuckerberg

Palo Alto, CA 0 184,842
#2 Larry Page

0 94,913
#3 Sergey Brin

0 71,781
#4 Vic Gundotra

Senior Vice President, Engineering
Mountain View, CA 0 47,989
#5 Robert Scoble

Chief Learning Officer for Rackspace. Searching for world-changing technologies.
Half Moon Bay, California, USA 3,695 47,239
#6 Leo Laporte

US-based Technology Journalist
Petaluma, California, USA 402 47,191
#7 Kevin Rose

I build things for the Internet
San Francisco, CA 87 42,286
#8 Mashable News

97 39,268
#9 Felicia Day

Actress, Writer, Web Video Creator, Gamer
Los Angeles, CA 0 37,043
#10 Matt Cutts

Software Engineer
Bay Area, California 0 34,529

The source of this information is list is updated on a daily.
Note: Mashable News is a tech blog.

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