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NEWS: Now Verfied Badge even on Google+ Accounts.

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Its been more than 2 weeks since Google+ was launched and Google+ is already tagged as fastest growing Social Network in the History of internet with close to 17 million account holders with invite only method. Now Google want's to take things to the next level by introducing verified badges similar to twitter.

In a quest to get best of both worlds Google+ is learning from the past mistakes of not just itself (orkut) but also Facebook and Twitter. Celebrities make Social network very popular and many people create fake celebrity accounts. Having fake celebrity accounts really puts off the followers and create a negative impression about the Social Network as a whole.

Google+ will soon introduce verified badges for high profile celebrities just like twitter. Having a verified account is a great way to use a Social Network for celebrities as they don't have to explain about improper content published by fake account holders. Google is still working on ways to verify celebrity accounts as they want to give verification process a better feel.

Google is really working hard to give Facebook really tough competition by having more user friendly, secure interface. Mark Zuckerberg account has around 250,000+ followers already and counting but no one really knows if it really is a legitimate Google+ account as there has not been a single public post from it.

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