HOW TO: Import a quick PDF resume on your LinkedIn Profile? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Import a quick PDF resume on your LinkedIn Profile?

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Having an updated LinkedIn profile can come in real handy in emergency situations. Just in case you are in a great hurry and it so happens that you need to send in your brief resume to a potential employer what would you do? Well Here is a trick for you.

You can create a PDF of your Linked in profile in a matter of few seconds which looks very similar to your resume. Infact the layout is very professional and impressive.

All you have to do is:
1. Go to your linked in profile page.

2. Just go to the bottom and select the PDF option.

3. Your PDF resume is ready to be saved on your computer.

Note: Make sure you have completely updated your linked in profile as it is very important to get a detailed resume.


  1. Good point, Harshad.

    I'd add another important supporting piece for any social media effort: an engaging, well-written professional bio. We should be ready for curious folks who want to learn more about our background and expertise.

    A few benefits of taking the time to prepare a professional bio:
    • stand out from your competition,
    • align more closely with your target employer, and
    • get the job!

    To get you started, I'd offer building blocks of a successful bio:
    1. Hook Your Reader in the first sentence with your primary promise.
    2. Build infectious interest with your remarkable results
    3. Stake Your Claim by declaring your expertise
    4. Profess Your Passion and imply why you 'deliver the goods'
    5. Close with a Clear, Compelling Call to Action. (Easily overlooked, but crucial to the success of your bio.)

    For more detail check out the free workbook "5 Easy Steps to a Professional Bio that Sells." It's available at

    Grab a copy, then tell me what you think.
    To your success!

  2. Good Idea Mike..I like your website..Keep it up..

  3. Thanks, Harshad!
    Just posted a video on how to write a bio. Thought your readers would like to know!
    Best of success.


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