HOW TO: Find your PAN number from your Name and DOB online? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Find your PAN number from your Name and DOB online?

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I was filing my income tax return and realized I forget my PAN card at home as usual. I had two options first is go Home and waste time other was to find some other way online. Going Home was not an option so I fired some Google queries and got what I was looking for.

Well you can easily get your legitimate PAN (Permanent Account Number) number from Income Tax Department of India official website. Since the source is official you don't need to worry.

Just follow these simple steps to get your PAN number online.

1. Just go to this link.
2. Enter your Name.
3. Enter your Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY) format.

NOTE: Your name and DOB should be exactly the same as you had mentioned in your PAN card. In case you enter wrong details, say for example incorrect DOB you might end up getting incorrect PAN number or no PAN number. Entering incorrect DOB is dangerous as people with same name can have different date of births, so please be careful in entering those details.

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