Great NEWS: Latest Tech Tips now has a Google PageRank 2 - latest tech tips

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Great NEWS: Latest Tech Tips now has a Google PageRank 2

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Today is a very Happy day in my blogging life. Latest Tech Tips finally has a Google PR 2. After more than a year of hard work on this blog finally I got a Google PR. Having a PR is every bloggers dream. I was waiting for this since a long time almost a year.

Its a huge motivation for me to continue Blogging. This is a great example for people who enter the world of blogging and get disappointed not getting a Google PR. I will share some of my experiences and some of the things I did which may have resulted in getting a PR 2.

List of things I did in the last whole year to get a Google PR:
  1. Added new articles almost daily (360+ articles).
  2. Wrote articles on current trends in technology and problem solving articles.
  3. Did not let myself get demotivated even when I could not get a GPR for fairly long time.
  4. Wrote articles with the easiest words and simple screenshots so people keep coming back.
  5. Added back links through quality comments on similar High Pagerank blogs.
  6. Actively Participated in 2 great blogging networks ( and
  7. Actively Participated in 2 tech forums ( and
  8. Created a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account and made sure my articles are auto published on both medias automatically.
  9. Registered my Domain (in a way technically it took me 7 months to get a Google PR).
  10. Added a new author (Nitish Poojari) who added really cool articles.
I am not a full time blogger and hence I am really happy that my part time passion is really given me very good result.I know Google PR 2 is not huge in terms of SERP but still its lot better than 0.

So the moral of the story is "Never Every. Ever, Ever Give Up". Just keep blogging and results will follow suite.


  1. congrats Harshad....and my Blog too has got the same GPR of 2....don't know how much significant it is but feeling good about it....:))

  2. Wow Irfan Congrats to you too..I must say you gt it very soon..keep up the good work..


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