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DIFFERENCE: Google+ Circles and Facebook Groups.

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Many people confuse Google plus Circles with Facebook Groups. Well though both sound similar they are radically different. The fundamental idea is same i.e. to share information but the manner is different. I am going to try to clear fundamental differences between them.

The major plus of Google+ is privacy and Google+ Circles is everything to do with it. I am sure everybody knows about Facebook Groups so I will not talk about it much here (A little is required though). First of all lets look at

Facebook Groups:

The real essence of Facebook Group is a collection of people who want to collaborate for various resons like sharing ideas, info, gossips, pic, videos etc. Below I have tried to list what all things are possible on Facebook groups.
  1. Facebook Groups is a sort of Community in with people having similar interests. People share there views in this community and interact with each other.
  2. People can join a Facebook group and also add others to it.
  3. People can unjoin from Facebook Groups as well.
  4. Its not necessary that its always the administrator who starts the conversation any one can share information any time. Any person in group can reply to the posts.
  5. There is a fair possibility that you might not know all the people in Facebook Group in person.
Similar to Orkut Communities if at all you guys have used Orkut you will know.

Google+ Circles:

I was more eager to write on this. Well Google+ Circles is all about you. Yes everything in Google+ Circles revolves around you. Whom you want to share information you decide. Its sort of selective broadcast of information, views and ideas. Following are the things you can do with Google+
  1. You Create a Google+ circle and include your friends and contacts in them.
  2. Nobody knows how many circles you have created and who all are part of them (unless you share all this with your loved ones and land in trouble).
  3. People cannot join your Circle nor can they add new members in your Circles.
  4. You can add strangers (people who know you but not each other) to your circles.
  5. People cannot unsubscribe themselves from a particular Circle you created as they are not aware how many circles they are part of.
  6. Google+ Circles are very powerful if used correctly as not all of the ideas you share might make sense to others and hence you can include people with similar ideology in a particular circle and share info only with them.
The concept is not very new and existed earlier in the form of Chat Applications in which you create personal groups of individuals so that you can directly contact them as and when required. You can add people to various groups in Chat and interact and collaborate with them example Yahoo. It is very similar to your Chat applications personal Group chat session in which different people can reply as and when they are online or feel like replying.

Looks like Google+ is here to stay.


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