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What is Facebook Suicide?

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As per Indian mythology every thing that starts ends and same is applicable to all things including Social Media. As Facebook is gaining popularity and more and more new people are getting addicted towards Facebook. What about people who are already addicted?

A new phenomenon is on the rise of the people who are frustrated with Facebook. There comes a point of time when people just give up on Facebook. What they do? Well they simply go ahead and delete their facebook account.

This killing of your virtual identity from the cyber world is called "Facebook Suicide". There is also a website dedicated in helping people quit Facebook. The website is called as quitfacebookday.com. In this website people who have quit Facebook or committed Facebook suicides register themselves. You can also get reminder for quitting Facebook if you register over there.

Some of the reasons why people are committing Facebook suicides are:
  1. Spending hours in front of Computer screen.
  2. Reading boring updates from friends :D.
  3. Frustrating Spam attacks on Facebook.
  4. Exhaustive and addictive games on Facebook.
  5. And lot more.
Facebook Suicides is on the rise and there will come a point of time when each one of us might at least think of committing the Facebook Suicide. Are you already thinking? As far as I am concerned I ain't quitting so soon.

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