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How to find your ideal body Weight and BMI?

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I have gained at least 7 kilos in last 6 months. Its a very dangerous situation and I need to tackle it with proper planning and goals. Incase you need to find if your are over weight or under weight here is a simple trick for you.

I came across this wonderful calculator which gives you an ideal weight figure for your height and age and gender. It also calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index) and tells you the ideal BMI for the category you belong to. You can easily find if your BMI is in normal levels or not.

Just follow this link and you will get all your worried answers. Using this data you can understand how much over or under wight you are and easily set goals to either gain or loose your weight.

Its not surprising that I need to loose my weight. So you better use this calculator and set your own goal and I better hit the gym.


  1. I have received my details after entering my details.. It's really working fine.. yesterday I have checked BMI in free health checkup center. at that time only I have got same result..


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