How to find how much salary a CEO of a popular company gets? - latest tech tips

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How to find how much salary a CEO of a popular company gets?

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This is a very interesting question and this information could be used in many ways. some people would like to know it just for curiosity some people might want it for market analysis.

If you have following questions like
  1. How much is the average salary of employees of a particular company?
  2. How much salary CEO of that company makes?
  3. How many times CEO of the company makes than that of average employee?

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Just visit this site
2. Search for the company using the search box provided and you will get all the information you want.

Note: While you are searching for the company please give the companies full and accurate name and avoid using initials for example General Electric not GE. You must at least specify one word correctly to get  proper information of the company you are searching for.

The database there is of previous Fiscal year and It seems it is updated every year (not sure). No matter what you will have at least starting information of how much money a CEO of a popular company makes. The database has list of 100s of popular companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, GE, IBM and many more.

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