How Can Spies Enter Indian Finance Ministers Office? - latest tech tips

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How Can Spies Enter Indian Finance Ministers Office?

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There are unconfirmed reports that Indian Finance Ministers office was bugged i.e. recording was done without permission of Government. That means a secret recording instrument was placed in his office which is the size if a Mobile Phone Battery.

The act of placing a Bug in someones house or office is called bugging. I am sure and hope these reports are not true considering the level of security in Indian Government offices. But the kind of technology available today to spy on people it has become a piece of cake to invade others privacy.

These bugs are available in various shapes and sizes from a size of a Mobile phone Battery to size of a medium sized coin. They are available from $650 to $4000. The smaller the bug more the price. Just checkout the video below how easy it is to spy on people now a days.

Of course bugging is illegal in most parts of the world and this article is not to promote bugging but to make the readers aware that "Even walls have ears". So make sure you clean your house properly next time else you too might be a victim.


  1. As others have noted, not seeking out feedback and constructive criticism from those with a discerning eye (and ear) is crazy. “Just write” is at best inadequate.

  2. Heheh..Smart back must have read this book "Chris Guillebeau’s 279 Days to Overnight Success.".


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