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Google experiments with changes to its Ad Sense appearance.

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Google's Ad blocks were many times criticized for not being able to blend in web content effectively. Google has done a slight correction in this regards and now the Google Ad blocks look more similar related links rather than prominent Ad units.
Though this change is minor its a huge change in Google's policy of displaying Ads. Many webmasters use to do various unethical tricks to display Google Ads to make them appear more as a part of content rather than prominent Ad units.

What experimental change has Google really done?
Google has simply removed its name from the Ads Earlier Google used to show Ads by Google in some Ad units. This change is not applicable to the Ad units of 468 X 15 or one line Ad units. This change is applicable only to square or rectangular Ads blocks (my observation). The new Ad block is exactly similar to previous one except for this change and the Google name is replaced by a triangle which is accompanied by AdChoices word.

Across the board:
I checkout few of my regular websites including my blog. I could see this new layout appearing in many places. But in some cases the old traditional layout still was rendered. This change is not consitently appering across all websites and I feel Google has introduced this new layout on a experiment basis to go across the board after they find encouraging results.

Did you like Google's new experiment, Do share your views!!


  1. Hahaha ...Don't worry its very tiny..soon you will get used to it..:D


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