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General Tips and Tricks for City Ville Addicts

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City Ville has hooked me for some time now around 6 months or so. In these 6 months I have learnt many tricks which I am going to share now with you all. Before you read this post if you haven't started playing City Ville I would recommend not to start.
In case you have already started this post will let you play city Ville the smartest possible way. I am goint to include very simple and effective tricks to play City Ville:

1. Add as many neighbors to your City!
This is very important as many of the Cities gifts, Houses and businesses are activated once you have specific number of neighbors. Having dormant neighbors also help as they are also a source of +1 Energy +60 Goods once you visit and do some work in your neighbors cities.

2. How to get Energy in City Ville?
There are different ways of getting energy in City Ville and I am listing as many I know:
  • Visiting your neighbors and doing +5 energy work will get you +1 Energy.
  • The collections which are complete can be Trade In for energy please check this article for details.
  • Check for Neighbors updates on their walls which offer Energy.
3. How to get Goods in City Ville?
You can get goods the following ways
  • Send trains to neighbors.
  • Send ships for getting goods delivery.
  • Visiting neighbors and harvesting their crops gives you +15 goods for each crop.
  • Having a factory gives you huge amount of goods.
  • Of course crops is a main source of Goods.
4. How to get items for completion of Community Buildings in City Ville?
Here is a list of ways for getting items:
  • The most important source of getting items is the Hardware store you must activate it as early as possible.
  • You can also ask for those items from neighbors. Remember you can ask for only 1 item from 1 neighbor in 1 day.
  • Or you can buy them using your City Ville cash.
5. How to get City Ville experience points?
Getting City Ville experience points is the most crucial thing which helps you in moving up in levels. There are around 60 levels in City Villa and each level requires certain amount of experience points to be achieved to move to next one. Following are the ways to gain it.
  • Collecting rent from buildings.
  • Harvesting crops.
  • Visiting neighbors and doing their work
  • Collections Trade In.
  • Collecting from Businesses and Community buildings.
6. How to get Doughnuts for corps in police station in City Villa?
Doughnuts keep cops alert and awake so that you can catch criminals. Getting doughnuts in City villa is very easy, Here are the ways in which you can get them.
  • Visit friends walls where they are asking for doughnuts. If you give one you get one.
  • You can request for doughnuts also from your friends.
  • Always allow the thief caught message to be posted on your Facebook wall. This will help you gaining doughnuts when your friends click on them.
  • If you see different messages of doughnuts on Facebook wall of same friend or different friends you can click on all of them to get as many unique requests you click from previous 24 hours.
I will keep updating this list as I encounter new tricks.

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    1. I think the best thing to collect free CityVille coins and energy are to attempt timed goals and take part in events regularly. Each goal and even offers some free CityVille cash along with other exciting rewards.


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