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Basic Difference Between Google plusone And Facebook Like!

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If you are really wondering what the latest Google plus one button does then I am going to try o answer your question and also I will try to compare Plusone with Facebook like.

Basic Difference:
Google +1 is for Google account holders and Facebook like is for Facebook account users.

Basic Purpose:
Google +1 is used for recommending a webpage and Facebook like is for sharing a webpage.

What happens when you do +1 or Facebook Like?
+1: Google +1 maintains a count of these +1 s and I hope will start using it even for giving ranking to search results. Not just that if you are searching for some stuff on Google and if your friends have done +1 it will appear in the search result and you will automatically come to know your friends indirect recommendations. This is not just applicable to webpages but also Google Ads.

Facebook Like: When you do Facebook like of course it is shared to all your Facebook friends and Facebook like also maintains a count of how many people like your page. Similar to plus One Facebook like is also displayed your friends that you like this link.

Is Google plus one a copy of Facebook like?
My inital thought is yes it looks like Google has adopted if not copied the concept of recommendation only thing is the purpose is slightly different. Google is going to use this data to actually start giving priority to its search results as soon as this feature stats getting more and more popular. Till date Google decides search ranking based on its Pagerank algorithm.

It is humanly possible to get a Google Pagerank by adding relevant backlinks to other websites. With this new approach SEO master will have to simply rely on good content as it would be humanly very difficult to create dormant fake Google accounts and do unnatural Google +1s to manipulate the search ranking. In the end as always "Content is King".

Advantages of Google +1 to Google:

  1. To recommend a person will have to create Google account so increase in accounts is one thing.
  2. Google has also included Ads in plus one. People will think these Ads are more genuine and hence go ahead and click them in turn increasing Google's revenue.
  3. A more human way of indexing and not totally based on non human AI based smart Google algorithm.
Over all it looks like Google is on the right path.

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