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Why my website takes ages to load?

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Website or blog loading time is a burning issue and many people wonder why their websites load slowly. This  article is dedicated to let bloggers and webmaster understand why your website or blog loads slowly.

Having a website which loads lightning quick is every authors or webmasters quest as fast loading websites is not just liked buy the search engines but more importantly readers. As the time is passing people are wanting things for free and that too fast.

There are broadly two categories of reasons which decide  the speed at which your blog loads.
  1. Reader's Control (Person visiting your website)
  2. Publisher's Control (Blog author or webmaster)
Lets look at each one of them.

1. Reader's Control:
There is very little you can do in these circumstances as you cannot ask the reader to visit your website at ideal circumstances. Whenever a reader visits your website he could be using any
  1. Any device (Mobile or Computer): Mobile devices might have very limited internet speed and hence might load your blog or website slower than normal desktops.
  2. Operating system: Every Operating system has its own security protocols which might slow down the internet affecting page load time.
  3. Browser: Some browsers load websites faster and some slower.
  4. Internet speed: Some people having very limited bandwidth might take more time than the ones having higher bandwidths.
2. Publisher's Control:
This is the area in which a blogger can actually look into and try and improve the performance of the website. There are many reasons for slow website load time and I am going to list most common ones and also simple solutions.
  1. High Resolution Images: Bloggers and webmaster commonly make this simple mistake they go on adding images which look good but are very big in size. All these images are also downloaded, the solution for this issue is compress the large images and then use them. This drastically reduces the page size. When I started blogging my page size was 1.1 MB using this technique I brought it down to 150 KB its still high but better that previous. You can use W3cValidtor for understanding how much size images have occupied in your website.
  2. Flash content: I know its very attractive but it can cost you dearly if the flash content size is very large. My suggestion is avoid it or use it only if yo do not have a choice.
  3. Hyperlinks: If you actually have a look at your website you will notice there are many hyperlinks on your webpage. Ideally your website should not have more than 100 hyperlinks. Get rid of not so useful hyperlinks right now. Use the SEOCentro website for understanding total hyperlinks on your page.
  4. Java Scripts: Many people use JavaScript code to dynamically show some things to the users. Many times the java script execution is in loops and time consuming and hence it starts affecting your page load time. Checkout
  5. Unnecessary widgets: I used to add many widgets to my blog thinking my readers would love them. It is not necessary the thing which you like will be liked by all. Usage of widgets should be very limited and your content shall be the center of attraction and not your fancy widgets. Use them wisely and get rid of not so useful ones.
  6. Google Ads: Yes they can also slow down your page up to certain extent as they also use Animation and flash some times. Avoid having too many Ads on your home page. Good blogs have very few ads on home page. Mostly the Ads are displayed on Content pages. Just Google for hiding Ads on home page and you will get 100s of tips. I have also done similar thing on Latest Tech Tips.
  7. Styles and CSS: To make our blog attractive we use HTML Styles and CSS. Try to consolidate all the styles in one CSS and refer it rather than having cluttered code all over the place.
  8. Too many posts on one page: In case you want to display many articles on the home page then simply use the Jump breaks which will only expose some part of your blog post to the reader this way you will partially load the article and display many posts on home page. This will decrease your website load time considerably. Refer this article to understand how to introduce Jump Breaks on blogger blogs.
You can use these tips on any kind of website or blog be it blogger blogspot, wordpress or normal web servers.

List of Tools you can use to check your website load time:
  • In case you know a  website which loads faster you can compare your websites load time with it using whichloadsfaster.com
  • In case you want to see how much average load time your website takes then you can use Webwait.com

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