How to Create your own IPL Jersey? - latest tech tips

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How to Create your own IPL Jersey?

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Indian Premier League is almost half done and here is an interesting way to cheer your favorite team. Create your own eJersey of your favorite IPL team and post it on your Facebook wall.

You can create your own IPL jersey by following these really very simple steps.

1. Just log into your Facebook account.
2. Just click on this application link.

3. Give access and Choose your favorite IPL team.

4. Put your name and Publish on your Facebook wall.

You are done. Simple isn't it. I am a Mumbai Indian fan. So which team you like? Are you ready to support your fav IPL team the Facebook way.

You can actually put this jesey anywhere you want like
  1. In your gmail signature.
  2. Facebook Profile image.
  3. Orkut Profile image.
  4. Linked in profile image.
  5. Or anywhere you can simply imagine.

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