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Funny Google Trick Obama Bin Laden.

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Just a few days back Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US navy seals. The NEWS was one of the biggest in the history of media. It was so huge that many media houses made basic mistakes of actually saying "Obama Bin Laden" dead.

The words Obama and Osama are so similar that there is just a difference of 1 alphabet i.e. 'b' to convert Osama to Obama. But can you really blame the NEWS channels for this mistake, up to a certain degree yes. But if you see around the world thousands of people searched for a wrong Google query.

The search query "Obama Bin Laden" and "Obama dead body" was hit so many times that Google automatically included the query in Google's auto complete feature. This proves that many users around the world typed the wrong query unintentionally.

You can simply verify this your self by simply going to and start typing the word Obama. You will start seeing funny things with the auto complete feature of Google suggesting you "Obama Killed" or "Obama Bin Laden".


  1. people confused it
    obama and osama

  2. Ya its true many people gt confused including reputed NEWS channels..


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