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Easy SEO Tips for Blogger Blogspot Blogs

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Each blogger writes very good articles with a sole purpose that thousands of people around the world would come and read his article. The major source of traffic in any blog is search engine. Techniques to write blog in a Search Engine friendly manner is key for getting success.

I want to share with you all the simple things which you can actually do to make your blogger blog Search Engine friendly. I have tried to compile whatever I have learnt as a blogger till date. Things which any one and everyone can do to make their Blogger blog Search Engine friendly.

Search engine traffic is something people say is not good quality traffic. I totally disagree with this as Search engines actually give you more than 50% of the traffic on a average and the traffic is well directed. So having a SEO friendly blog is very important of you are interested in making good money of attracting many visitors.

One of the primary thing for getting good traffic is unique content which many people are searching for. Good quality unique content drives huge traffic and makes your blog very popular in the Internet world. If your content is good.

Keywords: The whole SEO concept revolves around the word called as keyword. What does keyword mean in SEO context? Well it simply means the words which people use to search information in Google or other search engines. example suppose a user enters a query "How to drive a Car in snow?" here keywords are Drive, Car and Snow.

1. Blog Meta Description and Meta Keywords:
80 % of the bloggers don't even care to have this in their blog. The meta description and meta keywords actually tell the Search engine about the contents of your blog. If you don't have it make sure you put it right now. You will find many articles on the Internet for this just Google it.

2. Keywords in Blog Title:
The website name and title are different things. If you have a SEO friendly website name then its the best thing to have but if not then the next important thing to have is blog title, keep it simple and short. It should contain not more than 6 words and all should be relevant to the contents of your site. The title appears on the Top of the browser window.

3. Keywords in Post Title:
From SEO view point the post title gets huge importance as the post title actually tells the search engine what are the contents of the article. Before you choose the post title search the same would be title in Google or any search engine and check for results. If you get many results with the same query you better opt for some different post title but equally intuitive one. It is very important to have good  traffic generating keywords in your post title else no matter who great your article is you will find least readers.

4. Keywords in Post Content:
It is commonly referred as keyword density. i.e. the percentage number of times the keyword is repeated in the post. Ideally keywords should be sprinkled in different places and not to be cluttered at the same place it should appear as natural and not artificial. If you think having very high percentage will get you listed on top you are absolutely wrong. The ideal keyword density is just about 5 % to 10 % anything less is bad and more is a crime. Search engines will punish you if you knowingly or unknowingly stuff keywords in your articles. It was a trick which gave short term profit and long term loss. Now a days it just gives long term loss.

5. Labels or Tags:
Having relevant labels or tags for your post is also equally important. Many people totally forget about it and complain that they do not get enough traffic. Have at max 5 labels as having to many can actually be dangerous as each label actually creates a new webpage for your blog which list all the articles with similar keywords. By chance you remove it a page not found error starts appearing for Search Engines especially Google and having many such errors hampers your credibility as a content provider.

6. Name for Images:
I have said this before and I would love to repeat it again. Your image names should be named with extreme caution as it is also one of the substantial source of traffic to your blog. I get around 10% of traffic from people searching for images. As you already know Picture speaks louder than words. The name of the picture should be such that it tells the search engine what its all about and not something random. Having an alt tag is an added advantage as that is something which appears to the user when images are disabled on browsers.

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