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Common DSLR Camera Terms one must know before buying one.

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I have been doing research on which DSLR to buy for almost 2 months now. During the research I came across many fancy digital photography terms which photographers use in their daily life. I am attempting to answer them in simple non technical language.

I am going to actually grow this list as and when I come across some new word used by DSLR photographers. So lets start.

  1. DSLR: Well many people just say SLR they do not know what it means at all SLR is a abbreviation for  single-lens reflex (SLR).
  2. Camera Body: Camera Body is the camera without its lense. In SLR world some people say its ok to have a basic camera but you must have good lenses.
  3. Camera Lense: Well its a camera lense only thing is you can actually remove and put on a new one. Camera lenses come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing to understand in lenses is the Focul length.
  4. KIT: Generally in SLR world there are 2 main components (actually there are many components but for now let focus on these). When you get both together (Combination of Camera Body and Camera Lense) they are termed as Camera KIT.
  5. Upgrade: I was really stupid to think that upgrade means some processor change or memory enhancement in camera, but actually upgrade means changing the Camera Body and going for a better body with more features keeping the same old lenses.
  6. ISO: In simple words it is the most important thing in the world of SLR. The more the ISO of a camera the better is the ability of it to take really good pictures in dark (this is where many cameras get exposed).
  7. Shutter: Shutter is a device that allows light to pass for a determined period of time. In normal words a shutter absorbs all the light from the outside world to create the image. The shutter remains open for a long duration to absorb more light during night photography. The camera should remain still else the photos will be blurred. Read this article on "How to take good photos with simple camera at night and indoors?"
  8. Focal length: You must have commonly heard 18-55 lense. Well it actually stands for the focal length of the camera lenses. Focal length is generally measured in mm. In simple words the more the Focal length the better pictures you can take of far away objects. Below is a list if type of DSLR lenses and their Focal length.
  • Landscapes — Wide Angle — 10 to 28mm
  • Architecture — Wide Angle — 18 to 28mm
  • Flowers — Standard — 75 to 100mm
  • Portraits — Standard — 50 to 100mm
  • Sports — Telephoto — 200 to 300mm
  • Birds — Super-Telephoto — 400 to 600mm
I will keep updating this list as and when required but I guess  the above information is enough for you to start your research. And please don't ask me which camera I have decided to buy :)


  1. Interesting Tips good read.. If your thinking about buying A nikon is great camera you might want to look at the D300s equally as good and save a few bucks lol We use the D300 and D300s

  2. Hey Jim thanks for the feedback as far as my photography skills are concerned I am not a pro and even D300 looks expensive to me...I will probably go with Nikon 3100 or Canon 1100D..but not sure.yet..I feel buying a good camera is decision of life for beginners and I am not in any hurry..I loved your article abt Scorpio and frog.


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