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Top Traffic Generating Blog Directories for bloggers.

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Many blogger complain of lack of traffic to their blogs and give up blogging soon. Unique and quality content are the main pillars of getting good traffic but having your presence in different communities is also equally essential.

Many people feel that if their blog content is good they will surely get good traffic, well it is only the half truth. Blogging is not just about generating good content but also building a community of readers. Its a mutual give and take which helps in creating a robust reader base.

One of the best ways of creating a decent reader base and a social blogging community is to be a part of Blog directories. Blog directories not just help creating backlinks but give a very strong platform to express your ideas and opinions with variety of people. I will list out few blog directories which attract very good traffic.

Following are the ways in which you can increase traffic to your blog from blog directories and get quality comments.
  1. Be a part of online discussions on topics related to your blog.
  2. Start topics which would entice people to visit your articles (quality of articles if good pay rich dividend)
  3. Add people to your network with similar niches (people feel they should not add other competitors thats such a stupid thought).
  4. Interact with your network pals and befriend them.
My favorite blog directors which I am active part of are as follows.

The traffic to my website doubled when I became a member of though this blog directory is basically dedicated to Indian bloggers its one of my favorite blogging directories. People in the directory are very spontaneous and very much interested in reading your articles. One more thing I like about Indiblogger is that it has a live chat its king of a yahoo chat room where you can express your thoughts instantly. Please refrain from cheap publicity of your articles by posting them directly in the char as it creates a negative image. A IndiRank is given to you if you regularly update your blog take active participation in various conversations in the community. Rank is from 1 to 100 (1 being least score and 100 being highest score similar to Google pagerank)

This is also one of my fav blog directories. This is a universal blog directory having people from around the world. The UI of this blog directory is uber cool and very user friendly. You can instantly vote for articles and also get votes for yours. Add people to your community is very easy and you encounter very interesting topics you might have never heard of. There is a editors pick and active contributor are flashed for a day in the front page. 

It is also called as BC. This is also a very good blog directory and very interactive. This also gives you a chance to create and respond to interesting topics. The more you create your presence the more traffic you will get. If you are very active on particular day you might just get a chance to be featured on the front page for the day here as well.

Each and every blog directory mentioned above has its own unique importance and quality and it would be great if you become part of these immediately. Always remember the points I mentioned at the top as just getting listed is only the job 25% done. You need to create a network of bloggers.


  1. hi Harshad....
    indeed these things work initially to bring people at our space but in the end, its the content of the blog which keeps the traffic intact n increasing day by day... as i am associated with ur each n every post, so useful for me :)

    Best wishes,

  2. @Geeta Thanks
    @Irfan First of thanks a lot for the compliment about the content in my blog and surely there is no substitute for good quality content but i feel it is also essential to create a reader base in these communities. We both also met there and are so frequent visitors of each one of our blogs..but yes Content is King

  3. That's a good useful list. Thanks.

  4. Great blog list, one problem there are many new and popular blog directories out there , including my latest project Add Your Blog \ blog directory
    This directory is free to submit and in the next couple of months we will be launching a huge blogger community...

  5. Nice information for new blogger


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