Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking sites in the world till 2010 - 2011? - latest tech tips

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Top 5 Most Popular Social Networking sites in the world till 2010 - 2011?

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Facebook, Orkut, MySpace we all are hooked to these Social Networking websites. We communicate with our buddies on them and get to know whats happening in whose life using them. But do you know which Social Network is the most popular in the world?

There are 100s of Social Networks around the world some are popular in some region and some in a particular country. After studying and using many of them and studying their traffic trend from the past year i.e. 2010 - 2011 I have concluded the top 5 Social Networks around the world.

No# 5:
Orkut is very popular in India and was one of my first Social Networking websites I ever joined. It has an average more than half a million visits a month. Its visitors are declining by the day and Orkut tried ramping its UI and make it more user friendly lets see how things work.

No# 4: has on an average approximately 1 plus million unique visitors per month since the past one year. Its very popular in Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates.

No# 3: has on an average more than 2 million unique visits per month. It is fairly popular around the world especially in the countries like Gibraltar ,Ireland ,New Zealand ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh.

Bottom 3 Social Networks i.e. Orkut, Bebo and Friendster.

Actually the bottom 3 are at the real bottom in the top 5 Social Network and there is a huge difference between bottom 3 and top 2 social networks.

No#2: is a Social Network which really ruled the world in mid 2000. But its not so intuitive UI and annoying ways of earning money started irritating its user base and its decline started post year 2007 - 2008 and main reason is you will soon come to know who. Myspace still has a 60 plus million unique visitors per month but last month i.e. Mar 2011 it declined to just left with 35 million unique visitors. is fairly popular around the world especially in countries like United States ,Pakistan ,Mexico ,United Kingdom ,Bangladesh

No#1: the addition machine which hooks its users for hours and yet they are not bored. Its a slow poison . It took me some time to get a hang of it but when I got a hang of it, was too late I was addicted to People use Facebook not just to Socialize but to play games, earn money, publicise their products and websites, create groups and lot more. Facebook has a whooping 140 plus million unique visits each month and is popular around the world and is the number one Social Networking site of all times. Let's see how long it stays on top. It has even started giving Google a run for its money.

Top 2 Social Networks i.e. Facebook and MySpace.

Below are the actual statistics of website traffic in the most popular Social Networking websites.

The source of the above data is

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