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Top 5 Free Games on the Ovi Store for Nokia X6.

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I have been using the Nokia X6 for almost 8 months now and I have downloaded hundreds of games from the Ovi store. I have tried to compile a list of very addictive and great games which are a must download and play for all.

These games are free for download from the Ovi store and I have spent hours all together in playing them. These games are very easy to play and also very addictive so make up your mind before you start downloading them. You can access them directly by clicking on the name of the game.

No #1: Copter It: 
It is a very classic copter game which we play on flash games websites. I was very much hooked to this one for a long time. Your mission is to keep flying as long as you can without bumping your helicopter into the obstacles.

No #2: Marbel Maze:
It is a very close counter part to a similar game in the iPhone. I could not believe it was so realistic and a fun game. Its a classic Maze Game in which you have to guide the marble into its destination without letting it fall into the holes on the way. Try to complete it with least time.

No #3: Drop It:
The game is simple all you have to do is allow the ball to fall from top but the catch is there are small gaps which allow the ball to fall. You have to make sure you allow the ball to fall as much down as possible before the screen runs over the ball. Again a very addictive game as you feel you can do better next time.

N0 #4 Air Hokey:
If you love playing air hockey then this is a dream game for you. It is highly responsive and I have spent hours together in one go playing this games. Each level get tougher and tougher but its real fun as it get tuff.

No #5 Brick Challenge:
Its a classic brick game which we used to play during our childhood. relieve  those memories by playing this game. I was searching this for a long time and finally got it.

Do let me know if you have any other game which you would love to see in this list and also share your experience playing these game. All the above games are very simple to play yet very addictive. I hope you like them all. the above games should also work with Nokia 5800, 5230, 5235, 5233.

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