NEWS! CD (Compact Disk) Man "Norio Ohga" passed away. - latest tech tips

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NEWS! CD (Compact Disk) Man "Norio Ohga" passed away.

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Its been so many years we have been using CDs (Compact Disks) but do you know who introduced the commonly used CD to this world? Who's vision was to get rid of those bulky tapes and go compact. Introduction of CDs started the revolution of "Smaller the Better" in gadgets.

Ex Sony president and chairman Norio Ohga who lead the company from 1982 to 1995 sadly passed away this Saturday 23rd April 2011 of multiple organ failure in Tokyo Japan. Norio Ohga was 81 years old. Norio Ohga gave the world its first Compact Disks which really created revolution in the way data was stored. CD's also made data access faster and in a very compact form.

Norio Ohga also took important decisions during his Sony presidency regime which made sony such a big empire. He was the one who was highly criticized for his decision to acquire Hollywood studio Columbia pictures for about $3.4 billion. He always kept his focus on music, movies and videos games most of them are still very popular amongst youth and changed the way the world used gadgets.

Sony sold the world's first CD in 1982 and CDs literally overtook LP record sales within Japan five years. CDs are still used today after around 30 plus years in different forms and many devices are inspired to be designed around these even today.

Ohga had once said in an interview that "We are always chasing after things that other companies won't touch" and "That is a big secret to our (Sony's) success."

Since about 2000, Ohga stopped being involved in Sony's day-to-day business. He is survived by his wife, Midori. Sony said a private wake will be held later.

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