How to Find Pictures Taken By Different Cameras on Picasa? - latest tech tips

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How to Find Pictures Taken By Different Cameras on Picasa?

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Buying a good camera is a very special thing for any individual and one of the ways to decide on a particular camera is to see the pictures taken by that camera. It would be a great if you could search for photos which are taken by the camera you are planning to buy.

You can actually search photos shot with a particular camera on Picasa web albums. All the Google public albums on Picasa web are accessible through this facility.

Picasa web is used by ameture as well as professional photographers and you can actually make out the photography quality of a particular camera by viewing hundreds of photographs taken around the world in different light conditions.


You can also find out various types of photos like Landscape, Portraits and Panorama. Not just this you can also search for pictures of various sizes.

Follow are the simple steps for you to search for images by a particular camera.

1. Just login to your Picasa web album.
2. Just click on this link.
3. Specify the camera you are searching images taken with.

4. Further specify the type of images you are searching for if required.

Thats it now you can actually view snaps taken by the camera you specified and see if the images taken around the world with that camera are satisfying you enough to decide to buy the camera or not.


  1. Nice tips on camera output Harshad kudos

  2. Thanks buddy for the encouragement, Glad that you liked the tip.

  3. wow nice tips now i know hehe. keep it coming for the newbies like me.

  4. Hey Strawberry Princess I am glad you found it useful and thanks a ton for the comment. Stay tuned for more..


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