How to Find How Much Business (Money) a Bollywood film has made? - latest tech tips

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How to Find How Much Business (Money) a Bollywood film has made?

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Do you want to know how much money a latest Bollywood film is making or how much money the past Bollywood movies made. Or do you want to know if a Bollywood movie was a hit, semi hit, blockbuster or a super flop.

I always had this curiosity in my mind as to how much money a typical Bollywood hit movie makes. Of course the budget for each movie is different but still knowing how much money a movie makes is really what many people would love to know.

After some research on Google I came across a website called After visiting the website I found out that one can understand how much weekly gross and net money a movie is making in the current week and lot more.

You can find following spicy information on any latest Bollywood movie at

  1. How much a movie is making money in current week (Box Office Collection).
  2. Over all performance i.e. Box Office Collection of movies by their release year example 2010 - 2011.
  3. Find out if a movie was a Blockbuster, Hit, Semi Hit, Average, Below Average, Flop etc.
  4. All time Bollywood records such as Record First Day, Weekend, Week, Lifetime collections.
  5. Find Top Bollywood actors and actresses year wise (I don't know what is their criteria).
  6. Find Box Office Collection Of Bollywood movies overseas.
  7. Latest Bollywood NEWS.
I am sure most of us are curious to know all the above information and its really great that all of it is present in one single website.

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