How to take good pictures with simple digital camera at night and indoors? - latest tech tips

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How to take good pictures with simple digital camera at night and indoors?

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Some time back I had bought a simple digital camera Casio EXILIM EX-Z33. It took really very nice picture during the day in outdoors but took very blurred images during the night. I was wondering what could be the problem.

After care fully reading the user manual and searching the internet for many hours I learnt about the setting and something about a camera shutter. Most digital cameras come with a setting on night mode setting, that setting is very important for taking exceptional photos at night.

How to take good photos at night?
The key to taking very good photos at night is to hold the camera still. That is humanly very difficult as we tend to shake the camera due to hand movements. The best way to avoid this thing is to attach the camera to a camera stand. You can buy simple camera stand for not more than $5 to $ 15.

In case you do not want to spend any money on stand simply place the camera on some surface which is lifted from ground. Now just set the camera mode to night photos. If you are not in any hurry simply put the camera on auto timer this gives you enough time to avoid any possible shakes and let the camera be in a perfect position.

Now you must be wondering what is the need for the camera to be still? Well as the light is very less during the night the camera's shutter is open for a very long time. The more time the shutter is open the more light it tries to absorb to paint the picture. In case the camera is shaken the picture gets blurred. So this was a very simple trick to get very exceptional photographs during night.

Important Tip: Never ever use the flash for outdoor photography at night to take long range snaps. The capacity of the camera flash is only a few meters and if you want to take long range photographs the above trick is very useful.

How to take good photos in Indoors?
If you want to take good photos in indoors the most important thing you must take care of is the light. It is very important that the room is well lit, in case its not possible to have great lights the best thing you can do is put the flash mode on and focus on the object and take good flash photos.

Another trick which would make your indoor photographs look more cool is the angle at which you shoot the snap. People end up taking photos at a straight angle which gives the photos a 2D boring dull effect. Try to take photos at a slightly diagonal angle. the diagonal angle make the photos look like 3D and give more depth to the photo thus making it look very cool.

You can use these simple tricks to enhance your photography skills and impress your friends and family.I was amazed to see the results when I used the above simple techniques to getter very nice photos at night and in indoors. You don't need a very high end digital camera to take good photos it is your skill that makes the difference. Do share your experience and try to click multiple photos for better results.


  1. quite useful tips you have given here...
    if possible write something on the low n medium range cameras available in market...

  2. I shall definitely do it once I get hold of one of those..


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