How to know which Ad Size and Ad Type gets most clicks on Adsense? - latest tech tips

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How to know which Ad Size and Ad Type gets most clicks on Adsense?

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People place Google Adsense ads all over their webpages and blogs. But 90 % of the blog publishers do not bother to investigate why their CTR (Click Through Rate) is less, which ad units are more appealing to the readers and which adsense units are not.

Of course it is very important that you produce quality content, quality content drives traffic to your website. But if your ads are placed in the wrong location or you need to know which ad unit is the most profitable and which one is the least then it will definitely help you rethink your ad placement strategy.

Many people say they do blogging just for having fun and not money. Well if that is the case then they should not bother placing ad units in their blogs. This article is for those who are getting good traffic and still not able to generate any revenue.

Basically Google Ads come in Different shapes and sizes and also are of different types (Text Ad, Picture Ad, Animation Ad). To understand which Ad units and types are under performing and which are fairly performing use the following trick two tricks.

How to find which Ad size and Ad Type is performing well on your blogger blog?

Very Important: Blogger Blogspot allows you to place Ads without manually adding code. To enable getting information you need to create AdSense units manually from your Adsense account and then paste the code in your blogs.

1. Once you have done all this you need to wait for a day or to and check if there are any Ad clicks.

2. Once you see some add clicks just go to Monetize Tab

3. Ad Sense Reports > Performance Reports.

4. Now select Ad Type or Ad Size from the drop down .

How to find which Ad size and Ad Type performance on non blogger publishers?
1. Directly go to your Adsense Account.
2. Go to Performance Reports.
3. Now select Ad Type or Ad Size from the drop down.

You will get to know which ad units are performing well and which are not. This information is very important to rethink your Ad placement strategy and you can eliminate under performing Ad units or place them near better performing Ad units. Always keep in mind do not clutter your webpage with too many ads in one place it can easily irritate the readers.


  1. Usefull Tips....

    BTW i am still not able to add any ad at my space..... don't know how to do :(

  2. Thanks Irfan I guess it takes around six months to activate your adsense account once you have a blogger account. I ll check further and let you know..

  3. Ooops is this feature only limited to Blogspot, have anyone found any way to check this from adsense dashboard?

  4. The second part elaborates the non blogger Adsense accounts..

  5. I've been using Adsense for a while now, but I didn't know of this feature. I always just placed ads where I thought made sense. Thanks for the enlightening post.

  6. There's been a buzz that having adsense on your website negatively affects your rankings. Is there any truth to this?

  7. I don't know from where you got this information. Google AdSense and GPR both belong to Google. How can having one affect negatively to other? The buzz is of course baseless.

  8. There are websites that tell you the hot spots where users click on a blog. You should use this to your advantage.

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  9. @Alexis are you referring to Inpage Analytics from Google Analytics..

  10. I was looking up Adsense tips and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I will try to follow your tips to a tee and tell you about the results.

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