How to Increase or Decrease number of Search results in a page in Google? - latest tech tips

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How to Increase or Decrease number of Search results in a page in Google?

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Do you think default Google search results of 10 per page in just not enough for you? Do you wish to have more search results in your Google search page? If yes then don't worry you can definitely do that now.

You can use the Google Preference settings for the following purposes.
  1. Increase or decrease search results per page.
  2. Select default language for your Google search results (around 46 languages).
  3. Enable or Disable Google safe search.
  4. Enable or Disable Google Instant for your searches.
  5. Option to open search results in new window.
All the above settings are your profile specific and you will need to log in to your Google Account to take benefits of these settings. Just follow below steps to increase or decrease Google search results per page.

1. Just sign in to your Google Account and go to the Google Preference page.
2. Now Choose the number of search results per page.
3. Choose from 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 search pages.

4. Once done click on Save Preferences button.

Normally we navigate up to maximum 3 pages to get the best search results from Google so choosing 20 to 30 should be enough to get the best Google search results in one page. The Google query might slow down a little bit if you choose around 50 or 100 pages if your Internet bandwidth is less. In case your Internet speed is very high then you can surely think of 50 or 100 search results per page option.

This approach definitely save user many clicks to get the best results and all the user has to do is scroll in the same page.

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