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How To Enable the New Dynamic Views functionality for Blogger Blogs?

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Today when I logged into my blogger account I was surprised to see a pop up message which asked me to enable Dynamic view for my blog. I was very surprised and I started digging deeper into this.
Dynamic Views is the latest functionality enabled by blogger. It basically converts you blog into a huge dynamic open readable book. It is a combination of latest technologies like AJAX, CSS . There are currently five ways in which you can check out Blogger views.

The advantages of dynamic views in blogger is are
  • No refresh is required to access the content of the blog
  • They are highly interactive and 
  • User gets a very responsive and fast user experience.
These dynamic views can be enabled in your blog when
  • Your blog is public and No sign in required to access it.
  • Your blog has RSS feeds fully enabled. 
To enable Dynamic views you need to follow the below simple steps:

1. Sign into to Blogger Account.
2. Go to Settings > Formatting > Enable Dynamic Views.
3. Set it as Yes.
4. Save Settings.

Following are the views available in Dynamic views
1. Flipcard:
Available at [blogURL]/view/flipcard example
This is a very interesting view with access options such as Recent, Date, Tags and Author. Click on each to know more.

2. Mosaic:
Available at [blogURL]/view/mosaic example
Mosaic converts your blog into uneven layout of tiles and each article can be accessed by clicking on each tile.

3. Sidebar:
Available at [blogURL]/view/sidebar example
Side bar is a traditional classic view in which the titles of the articles forms a list and then by clicking on each title would open up the article in the side view.

4. Snapshot:
Available at [blogURL]/view/snapshot example

5. Timeslide:
Available at [blogURL]/view/timeslide example

You can simply link these Dynamic views into your blog in the form of buttons or hyper links which would open a new window or load those Dynamic views in the same window so that users can easily load dynamic views.

Possible Disadvantages of Dynamic Views in bloggers could be:

1. In my first impression I found no support for Google Adsense.
2. If No Adsense there wont be any revenue coming from Dynamic Views.

Well all is not always about money and let the users and your loyal readers enjoy your blog content with an enhanced interactive and dynamic experience.


  1. Harshad! Thanks a lot. I also saw just now but couldn't get it. But my blog doesn't show it. My feeds are short. Is this the reason?

  2. Still don't get how is that useful. If the reader doesn't know to put the "/view" after the URL it's useless right?

  3. Google has really done has a huge solid with this one. It's both brilliant and the way forward for blogging.

  4. @Mohinee Please enable the Dynamic View from the settings I have mentioned in the above article. One of your blog has it enabled.

    @Yiota: This functionality is in its preliminary stage, one way to use Dynamic Views is to give a link in your blog which would redirect the reader to that link. I would highly recommend you not to use it as a default view for your blog as there is no Adsense support so no revenue. I still feel its very useful and a very different idea, I liked it.

    @theonlineKenyan: I totally agree with you, blogger platform is highly criticized vs its wordpress counterpart, this is one of the answers but still a long way to go for blogger..

  5. If you have a lot of flash based stuff on your site it doesn't show, but it is really cool.

  6. Actually if you closely observe Dynamic Views feature is totally built on top of technologies like HTML5, Javascript, AJAX and CSS3. It has nothing to do with flash yet it looks like flash thats the beauty of it..

  7. glad you blogged about this. ever since i saw all these new fancy features, I wanted to blog about this. but time constraints!

  8. Ya I blogged it the moment I saw it enabled. Good to see you after a long time Vee..


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