Google has Updated its Page Ranking Algorithm to focus on quality links. - latest tech tips

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Google has Updated its Page Ranking Algorithm to focus on quality links.

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Google was under immense criticism for displaying low quality search results. The cat and mouse game between Google and SEO experts had become a bit predictive and with little systematic effort one could get website gain a better rank.

To avoid this Google recently updated its Page Ranking Algorithm to give more priority to Quality links and to punish poor quality links. This update was made also to deals with Content Farm websites like which introduce articles based on common search queries on Google.

These content farm websites pay small money to less professional writers to write those article and thus resulting in poor quality but SEO friendly content creation. These low quality contents took top priority on Google search results and people searching for relevant answer's expressed great frustration due to lack of Google's ability to decide between good and bad quality content.

Do you know, How many times Google updates its search algorithm in a year? Well it is said that Google normally tweaks its algorithm more than 500 times every year. Since those changes are so negligible that Google never publishes them.

But the latest update from Google is major change as it is expected to affect 11.8 % of search queries, this is a huge change and they had to make this recent update in their search algorithm public on their blog. How far this change would be effective and how long will SEO gurus will take to master this change is something only time will tell.

The impact of the latest update of Google on "Latest Tech Tips" was significant as the inflow of traffic from Google has more than doubled which made me really have a big smile on my face, as I was under constant confusion about how could the traffic increase so much overnight. But the answer was the change in Google's search algorithm.

Google also plans to introduce a Chrome plugin that would enable users to mark bad quality links shown in search result. The data would be used by Google to further filter out irrelevant search results and focus on good quality links.

No matter what, the golden rule still applies to get more and more Traffic and that is "Content is King". You have quality content you are certainly going to get good traffic.

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