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Simple Health Tips for people who use Computers a Lot.

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I wanted to write this article long time back but I felt morally not suited to write it as I did not follow many of the below things I will list. Not that I have done those corrections I can freely write the article. I have benefited a lot from them. Hope you all too.

I work on the computer for 12 – 14 hours a day seriously. Working for such long hours in not very common but in case you have to work for such long hours on the computer, there are many simple things you can do to avoid the side effects of sitting on Computers for long hours.

1. Drink Loads of Water: 
I have kept a 1 liter bottle on my desk which I fill every morning and whenever it gets empty. The basic instinct of the human body is to finish stuff in front of you be it food or water. Keep water and your body will follow the rest. You can improve your metabolism simply by drinking 2 to 3 liters of water every day. You can try the trick for just 2 weeks and you will see the immediate results. Your skin will start to glow and digestive system would benefit a lot. People having any lever disorder please consult your doctor before you follow the trick.

2. Walk and Avoid Lifts: 
Doing regular exercise is the best way to a healthy life but if not possible you can at least walk as much as possible and take the staircase as much possible. Avoid using lifts and if you work on a very high floor you can simply walk 4 to 5 floors and then take a lift.

3.Tea and Coffee: 
Computer Engineers and IT professionals normally do just two things when they are not in front of Go for a Coffee or Smoke, Take moderate intake of coffee a day 1 or 2 cups and Smoking I have covered in next points.

4. Proper Posture: 
I used to rest my legs on a small stool under my desk and act like a Maharaja while working on PC. The I suddenly realized I might start developing a hunch back or Leg joints problems if I continue this habit for a longer period. The ideal posture for sitting on the computer is shown in the below image.

5. Regular Breaks:
Don’t sit on a computer for more than 2 hours at a stretch. Take small break take a small walk of 5 minutes on your office floor or home and come back and sit on your computer this would help in relaxing your eyes.

6. Quit Smoking:
Easier said than done right. Well its really easy if you love your family if not they will not have you to love you back.

7. Eye To monitor Distance:
The Monitor and Your eyes should be at the same level. This helps in keeping a proper posture for your neck and prevents a permanent injury. The distance between your eyes and monitor should be minimum 1.25 to 2 feet in case of LCDs and 2 to 3 feet in case of CRTs. Preferably use LCD monitors as they are available very cheaply now a days. If no choice follow the mentioned guidelines and put the anti glare sheet on the CRT monitor.

8. Eat Fruits: 
Try and eat at least 1 fruit a day. Preferably apple (Apple a day keeps the doctor away). Or any fruit but you must have 1 fruit each day.

All the above tips will not cost you much money, add discipline in your life and make you healthier. Plus they are very simple to follow and very effective. I hope you all share your experience as well.

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