The New Photo Viewer for Facebook really sucks and a way to avoid it. - latest tech tips

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The New Photo Viewer for Facebook really sucks and a way to avoid it.

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I really don't understand why Facebook is playing around with a thing which is already really nice. The old Facebook photo viewer was very simple and cool. Now we have to adapt to a new way of viewing photos from our friends.

Things I really hate about the new Facebook photo viewer are:

1. It opens like a pop up (I hate them)
2. It looks like a promotional Ad and is very slow.
3. The Dark Background make is look even bad and sometimes I feel like not looking at the photos at all.
4. You have to use the mouse for looking at the next pic or previous pic.
5. The SHIFT +  or SHIFT +  shot cuts do not work (That's a Big Miss).
6. There is no Slide show option (I guess that's absent even in the old way)

How to avoid the new Facebook viewer?
This is the only way I could find to get back the old Photo Viewer and to do that I simply clicked the scroll wheel of the mouse. i.e. opened the Photos in a new Tab and I could see the old look and feel back.

I don't know if they will make the new Photo Viewer as the default viewer, if that happens it would really be very bad.

Why did Facebook though of changing to the new Photo Viewer?
I guess the main reason why Facebook engineers though of this kind of an interface would be to avoid the new Browser window which used to I guess replace the current Facebook screen and the user might have to press the Browser Back button to get previous page back.

How Facebook Viewer should have been handled?
Instead of a pop up a slid in might have been a better option and the look and feel would have been much user friendly and would not appear like a pop up.

Well all in all I am not very pleased with the new development in Facebook, Are you?


  1. a small tip here: you can remove "&theater" that u'll find in the end of the url while viewing photos in new Facebook photo viewer. surprised you will find the old photo viewer.

    not a permanent solution though!

  2. Hey thats cool thanks for suggesting another way of getting rid the new Facebook photo viewer.

  3. @Vee your trick is very useful in case someone does not have a scroll wheel or if its broken ..thanks again buddy..

  4. I haven't gotten to use the new feature and I'm not sure I want to.
    Facebook, stop changing things!

  5. Ya I don't understand why they try to improve perfection..

  6. thats true , its very irritating ..thanks for the information :)


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