How to Rename Multiple Files and Folders in Windows 7 in one shot? - latest tech tips

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How to Rename Multiple Files and Folders in Windows 7 in one shot?

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I hate the auto named file names by digital cameras, and renaming each photo with a particular name would be really a hectic task. What is there is a simple trick which would enable you to rename your files and folders in one shot?

Yes that's easily possible in Windows 7, I guess also in Windows XP. Take for example you have a folder with pictures of your US trip now there are hundreds of photos if not thousands. Now you want to rename all of them smartly. Well here is what you can do.

1. Create different folders with names of different places you visited in US (optional).
2. Add those photos in those respective folder (optional).
3. Now simply select All photos in the folder by pressing CTRL + A or by your mouse.
4. Now press F2 and just rename one of the file name with the name of the place and all the files would be renamed with the name you chose plus a serial number.
5. You can simply use the same trick even for folders. I am not use how far that is useful, but at least you know the trick with folders as well.

I have taken US just as an example, you can rename the files and folders with any name you can imagine and also remember ;). Using this trick you can group different photos with respective names of the areas you visited and can easily avoid the pain of renaming each file.


  1. Yeah system serial numbers can not help to understand where's this particular snap taken. So the trick you explained, can atleast help people where's the snap taken.

    Like your tips. I'll use now onwards.


  2. Thanks for stopping can also select few files and rename them simultaneously..for a better way to organize.


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