How to get Free, Easy and Automatic Copyright for your Blog Articles? - latest tech tips

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How to get Free, Easy and Automatic Copyright for your Blog Articles?

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Content theft or IP (Intellectual Property) violations is a burning topic on the Cyber world. Evey author puts in so much effort to generate content. To protect ones content from getting abused and copied without permission on other blogs, its very essential to get your content copyrighted ©.

Today I will show you a very quick, easy and free way of getting your blog content copyrighted. Before you get to the details there are couple of things you must have to get this done.
  1. One active email address.
  2. RSS feed for your blog.
If you have both then simply follow below steps.

1. Just register yourself at
2. Once done Go to My CopyRights and click on Protect my creation.

3. Select RSS option and put your RSS feed link.

4. Select Blog option and click on Protect (All done).

5. Simply copy paste the available code in you blog to indicate to your readers that the content is copyrighted using this service.

How does the process or service work? provides a third-party, non-repudiation, registered dating of your original digital creation. By using this service, you publicly associate your digital copyright and defined rights to you. A email is sent each time you update your blog content(make sure you do not delete this mail as thats the only proof you have).


  1. I am using this now for my Blog... thnx for sharing this useful add on...

  2. Thats fantastic Irfan I am really happy that you are getting your content copyrighted with this trick..

  3. amazing ..v nice work Harshad ..


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