How To Find Your Websites or Blogs Performance on any Browser? - latest tech tips

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How To Find Your Websites or Blogs Performance on any Browser?

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Many people use different tools to evaluate website performance. Some of them are Yahoo's YSlow and Google Pagerank. Both are Mozilla Firefox Adons. A poor performing website is not very popular amongst readers.

People who do not use Mozilla are not very familiar with these Adons and hence are totally unaware of them. But I am going to show you a way of getting those performance grades without adding any Ad on in Mozilla, in fact you can get these reports on any Browser.

These reports immediately helps a person to understand the website performance and take corrective steps.

Follow below simple steps to get your website performance report.
1. Go to

2. Enter your website and click on Go
3. Withing few seconds you will get a report indicating PageRank and YSlow score.

What does Google PageRank means?
1. Score of above 90 is exceptional.
2. Above 80 is good.
3. Above 60 is okay
4. Below 60 is bad.

What does Yahoo YSlow score means?
1. Grade A is exceptional
2. Grade B is very good.
3. Grade C is good.
4. Grade D is fair enough.
5. Grade E is bad.
6. Grade F is very poor.

You will find a detailed performance report in every aspect of your website and each aspect would be individually graded. Those aspects which have got poor grads can be improved to improve your website performance. A slow website is not very SEO friendly and can be punished by Search Engines heavily b giving them least priority.

You can also compare your website grades with another website. This way you can not just avoid installing different Adons but can get the performance grades for your website on any browser and all this just for free.

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  1. Thats something new information for me. let me check how is my blog performance. Thanks for the info


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