How To Find Your Websites or Blogs Detailed SEO Score for free? - latest tech tips

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How To Find Your Websites or Blogs Detailed SEO Score for free?

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Making a blog or website SEO friendly is every bloggers wish, it is basically done to get more and more organic i.e. (natural and free) traffic. The more the traffic the more is the potential for your website to earn more money for you. But where to start from if you are not willing to spend even a single $.

More than 90% of bloggers do not have money to start there website, and they really give due to the fact that they do not get enough traffic. To avoid such drastic situations one must get his weblog analysis done and there are many free tools available I am going to talk about one of them

Just follow below very simple steps to get a detailed analysis SEO score report card for your website:
1. Simply go to

2. Enter your website and press Generate report.
3. Your website/blogs detailed Analysis would be generated withing few seconds.

You can get below very important information about your website.

1. You can find estimated monthly traffic to your website.
2. Your website Alexa and Google PageRank.
3. In-site SEO (Within your website) and OffiSite (Outside your website) SEO report.
4. Total pages indexed by Google.
5. Total Back links
6. Your website presence in Social Media and different blog directories.
7. And lot more....

Each section is given a grade and is indicate by a red (Bad) , green (Good) or Orange (Border Line). Amongst the orange and red some of the things you can rectify very easily and some take lot of effort, so target finishing the easier ones first.

What score is good and what is bad. I would say that a score of
  • Less than 40 is bad.
  • 40 to 60 is good.
  • 60 to 80 is very good.
  • 80 plus is exceptional.
Not just this you can also analyse popular website and check there scores to gain some more understanding. And all this for free. The more you improve your score the more your website will be found by many Internet users. You can also keep the report in PDF format for future reference on a time to time basis to see how you have improved your SEO score over a period of time. So is the free SEO solution for you finally.


  1. Nice article. Thanks for the tip Harshad! m gonna see where is my site on SEO record.

  2. i checked out... its 40.3 for my blog....

  3. I found a serious issue in one of our e-commerce site using the tool. Hope we can fix it.

  4. Nice post. I have checked it and found 47.6.

  5. nice post, My score is 50.1 , will try to improve it further. :)

  6. Mine has slightly increased to 54.0 from earlier 51.4..Keep following those suggestion in the report and you will get great results..

  7. I think I still have a lot of SEO techniques to implement for my blog. My score is 46.8.

    White Label SEO

  8. @Rainier Dude I just ran the report and found that your website score is 56.1 keep it up buddy..


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