How to find if a Photo is Real or Fake? - latest tech tips

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How to find if a Photo is Real or Fake?

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We come across thousands of photographs on the Internet and there is no way we can understand if a photo graph is real or morphed or manipulated. Well here is a simple way to understand.

Please use this trick for your personal pleasure and not for any official claims as the method is not very full proof, but at least you can have some fun with the trick.

Just follow the below steps and you will find the image is fake or real.

2. Put the URL of the image you want to test.
3. Click on Process.

The process is called as ELA test. You will find the test results instantly. As per the method the image is saved at some predefined level and if the image is not a manipulated then, all parts of the image should have been saved an equal amount of times.

If parts of the image are from different source files, they may have been saved a number of different times, and thus they will stand out as a different colour in the ELA test.

This might help you understand if a photo has been photoshoped or not.


  1. does it really works....
    i mean is it possible to find the manipulation of any foto??

  2. I am not sure about the accuracy but you can definitely use this as a parameter to judge if the photo is fake or real..


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