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How To Find 100000 Free Icons from 700 Different Categories?

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Many bloggers end up using icons from Google which are not always free. Every icon has a copyright and the owner might not be willing to let you use them on your website for free. To avoid all these problems one should always use Commercially Free To use licensed icons.

Just follow the simple steps to locate the best free icons from collection of over 100K free to use icons from around 700 plus categories.

1. Visit icon repository.

2. Press CTRL + F (Browser Search) and try to find a category for which you want free images.
3. The web page is a collection of free to use icons and links to various site which provide those icons.
4. Once you find a suitable category you can go to the respective website (read license before you visit) and use the icons.

Please read the Licence under which you can use the icons and follow the rules mentioned. Here is a layman explanation of different image licenses for you to understand it better.

Licenses below are mostly listed on the web page mentioned above:
1. Free for commercial use: Use it anyway you want.
2. Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website): Means you have to give credit to the author for the icons by adding a back link on the web page you are using the icons.
3. Creative Commons: You can share, distribute and transmit those icons but not sell them for details click here
4. Free for personal use: Stay away from these icons. I am not sure what personal use means.

In case you have any extra information about licenses then please share it, I would be more than happy to publish those for our readers.. 

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