How to Check Country wise Traffic disruption info on Google Services with time line? - latest tech tips

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How to Check Country wise Traffic disruption info on Google Services with time line?

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Google Transparency report can be used understand the free flow of information in each country. There are situations where a country (government) partially or completely blocks Google services by some court order or it blocks by cutting the cable or for some security reason.

The Google Transparency Report actually helps one understand which government or region had blocked (partial or complete) Google services up to what extent and for how long. Google collects data from each of its regional servers and normalizes the data. A scale of 0 to 100 is used to show the normalized data. 0 means complete blockage and 100 means complete free flow of information.

You can find this information for your own country too. A recent example was Egypt crises where probably Google services were blocked for many days and finally they were restored. Just follow these simple steps to view the Google transparency report for yours or any country you wish.

1. First visit Google Transparency Report.
2. Select the country of your choice.
3. Select Google Search Service (Unencrypted) [if its not already selected]
4. Select timeline by Dragging the timeline below the scale.

If you observe the above graph it has consistent ups and downs. The ups are probably during day hours and the downs are probably during evening to night hours (when people go to sleep). This report definitely helps one to understand free flow of traffic in different parts of the world over a period of time.

You can also select different services from Google like Gmail, Docs, Earth, Map etc and find similar information about those services for each country.


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