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How to avoid spam mails from unwanted website?

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Every day we visit many websites, Most of the website asks for the new registration for accessing or downloading the content and we need to enter valid email id since registration sends the account activation key.

We hate such registration to avoid the spam mails in our mailbox. So here is the solution for you to avoiding the unwanted mails in our inbox without creating new email id for spam mails.

Here are the simple steps to how to do that
1> Suppose I want to register to In email id field for registration form just enter *** (put anything instead *).
2> Register account
3> Once registered Go to the and enter whatever email id you have entered in registration form.

4> Press view mailbox
5> You will see the mails received from the registered website.

Now you’re all spam mails will be sent to this your fake email id.

Precautions to be taken while registering with mail id

1> Don’t register for account with mailbox where you need to enter your personal information such as your phone number, address, bank account number.
2> Since these mailboxes don’t have any password, there can be chance of having same email id for multiple users.
3> Delete your mail once you activated with account.
4> The mails in inbox are deleted after specific period, save the mail in disk if you required in future.

1> is virtual mailbox will be created when the mails will be received on email id.
2> Simple solution to stay away with spam mails

1> Not Secured
2> No option for reply, forward, compose
3> Sending email is not possible with email id.

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