How to avoid app scrolling in Nokia X6 using N-Desk? - latest tech tips

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How to avoid app scrolling in Nokia X6 using N-Desk?

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Do you hate the scroll bar which comes with Nokia smart phones? Do you want to a Nokia Desktop similar to that of an iPhone without a scroll bar? All your prayers are answered today.

Today I stumbled across one of the coolest and the closest app to iPhone for Nokia X6 which literally simulates iPhone. The app is called as N-Desk. It is currently available for free also on the Ovi Store before it was a paid product.

You can simply install this app on top of the other two apps mentioned above and your Nokia X6 will look and behave exactly like an iPhone.

N Desk basically converts all the apps in your iPhone into one single desktop just like an iPhone and converts into different pages thus totally avoiding the iPhone. This way you can simply avoid the cruel scrolling found in typical Nokia Symbian smart phones.

Advantages of N-Desk App:

  1. It also has many settings which will help you customize the way your desktop looks
  2. Also it has a on screen lock this way you can totally avoid the side lock of Nokia X6.
  3. The scroll bar is totally avoided.
  4. This app runs in the background and 
  5. Consumes least memory usage 
  6. Really very very fast.
  7. You can arrange up to 5 X 3 =15, 5 X 4 = 20, 6 X 3 = 18 and 6 X 4 = 24 icons on a single screen.

  1. This app is just for app navigation and access, it cannot be used to remove apps from your phone. For that you need to use your typical interface which you can access by going to the home screen.

Having said all that I really loved the N-Desk app. I even read the home page of the app and came to know that it took around a year to develop this app. I guess this app should also work on Nokia 5800, 5230, 5233, 5535. So guys what are you waiting for download the app and get start using it.

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