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Google Chrome Apps For A Better Blogging Experience

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In this post I will be dealing with applications (or plugins) you can use in your Google Chrome web browser to make your blogging a better experience. I happened to use these plugins and found them very useful. To get an idea about all the available applications, you may visit “Google Chrome Webstore”.

To install any of those apps, you are required to login using your Google credentials (gmail login details). To manage these apps after installing, type chrome://extensions in the address bar of your Google Chrome browser. Just click on the title of each addon to access it.

1. BlogThis 
If you are Blogger user like me, you will find this app useful in blogging about interesting articles you find online. It is equivalent to clicking the “Link This” feature on a blogger page. After installing this app, all you have to do is click on the BlogThis button on your browser to open a new Blogger window with the links populated for you. Posting an article on your blog is only a few button clicks away!

2. TinEye
Most of us know how important it is to have relevant pictures along with blog posts. It increases the average visit time of your blog because pictures have that power of attracting and retaining interest among readers. We often search and find relevant images in Google, but fail to obtain higher resolution pictures. We also do not acknowledge the actual creators of the image as we fail to identify its real source. TinEye does reverse image search to help you exactly where you need. Right click on an image to use it, and you will love it. This is also available for Mozilla Firefox.

3. ScribeFire
ScribeFire is a smart interface to write posts from your browser itself through its rich blog editor irrespective of the blogging platform you use. One of the most popular apps, and this lets you do all your blogging with minimal effort. First time you use this app, you will have to fill information related to your blog to set up the environment. Once everything is ready, you may fire up your blogging with ScribeFire.

4. ChromeSEO
A one-stop interface to all you SEO freaks, this app lists of a ton of useful information about your blog. Starting from number of pages indexed by various search engines to backlinks to page rank and alexa rank, this app lists it all. Keeping track of how your blog is performing on a day to day basis just becomes easier. Buckle up all you power bloggers.

5. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate 
The name says it all. Capturing screenshots and annotating with circles and rectangles will be a lot easier with this application. Use it to experience the advantages.

Enjoy your enhanced blogging experience with these smart apps.

This is a Guest Post by Vee a Grad Student from Minneapolis, United States and author of blog Psyche's Visage.


  1. Thats a great post Vee..

  2. thanks for letting me do a guest post on your blog. :)

  3. This is great to know. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers online and there are many great applications that work with it, especially for business:


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