BAD NEWS: Apple CEO Steve Jobs critically ill and may not survive long. - latest tech tips

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BAD NEWS: Apple CEO Steve Jobs critically ill and may not survive long.

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In what looks like the worst NEWS in the world of technology, some unconfirmed reports are stating that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is critically ill and may not live longer than 6 more weeks.

Apparently Steve is on a medical leave and is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. As per media reports he was last seen coming out of Stanford Cancer Center where he looked very thin and very weak.

Pancreatic cancer is sometimes called a "silent killer" because it does not show any symptoms in the earlier stages and therefore, pancreatic cancer is often not diagnosed until it reaches its last stage.

Common symptoms of Pancreatic cancer include Pain in the upper abdomen, Loss of appetite, Significant weight loss.

Common causes of Pancreatic cancer are Age (particularly over 60), Male sex (likelihood up to 30% greater than females), Smoking, Diets low in vegetables and fruits, Diets high in red meat, Family history

One of the doctors who saw his last photos stated that "All the muscles from his body are wasted due to the calorie deprivation due to cancer and the last part which goes away are the muscle from the butt and it looks like even that stage has passed". It was even said that he might not survive more than 6 weeks.

This is really a very shocking and very sad NEWS as Steve is always known for his extreme innovations in the field of technology and Steve was one of the key persons in giving the world the iPhone.

I hope the NEWS is false and he recovers and gets well very soon. Let us all pray for the simple human being who gave the world a new way of living. I am personally very saddened with this NEWS hope all ends well.

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