Top Windows 7 Tech Tips And Tricks to Increase your Productivity. - latest tech tips

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Top Windows 7 Tech Tips And Tricks to Increase your Productivity.

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I have written numerous posts on Windows 7 tips and tricks. This article is a summary of all the Windows 7 tricks I have written so far. This would give you one spot to find out all the information.

The article would cover many Windows 7 tricks from finding your PC score to adding gadgets to your desktop, to wallpaper, themes, sound and lot more. Just click on the title of each point to find out the detailed respective article.

1. How to change Windows 7 Visual Appearance?
This trick is very useful if you would want to readjust the folder and font sizes on your Windows 7. You can increase them from 125 % to 150 % of its normal size to give you a better view of your folders and files.

2. How to find your PC Rating on Windows 7?

Hardwares have a typical life span of 3 - 4 years after which the newer apps either don't support them or run real slow. This tip is extremely useful to find out over all hardware health of your Windows 7 Desktop. I have explained in details what each score signifies and when you can think of upgrading your PC hardware to increase performance.

3. Top 3 Windows 7 Tricks you must know!

This trick includes tips to pin your applications in your Task bar, Simple ways to minimize your running background apps and aligning your running Windows in a manner which would help you see multiple apps at the same time.

Dis you always wanted to update your wallpapers every day without you having to do so. Now auto change  your wallpapers like screensaver after a predefined time interval. Link your favorite snaps folder to the wallpaper and the trick does the rest.

Now you can easily add cool gadgets on your Windows 7 desktop which include analog clock, Currency converter, fancy Date, Processor Meter and a lot more.

6. How to quickly change Sound Theme in your Windows 7?

Now Helps you identify a Windows 7 sound theme which would suite your taste and persona. Those sweet tunes are played during you boot your Windows 7, Log in, Log Off, warnings and lot more ..

I am sure these trick would help you use Windows 7 in a more effective and cooler way. Windows 7 has really taken Windows to the next level like XP did it in its own days. Windows 7 is much stable than Vista and gaining unprecidented popularity because of its  reliability.


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