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Pros and Cons of using LinkWithin

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Every coin has 2 sides one good and one bad. LinkWithin is a very cool and useful but the sword also has two sides and I want you to be aware of both side so that you can decide to keep it or leave it.

The reason why I want to put the facts in front of you is of course to spread the awareness about this free and handy widget called LinkWithin.

Advantages of using LinkWithin

1. Related Articles:
You do not need to worry about giving people related article links manually as LinkWithin auto generates that for you based on its own algorithm.

2. Easy Installation

It took me few minutes to configure LinkWithin to my blogger blog. Yes it's that easy. You must make sure you configure it correctly the first time i.e. chosses the right number of articles you want to display under  each post.

3. More Options:
Your readers get more choices to choose from and they spend more and more time on your blog. You know there is a saying that it is easier to serve an existing customer than getting a new one. Well your readers are your potential customers and you can do this little things to make sure the stay back.

4. Old Articles Exposed:
Many times the algorithm of LinkWithin searches for related articles and some of your valuable old articles which were earlier in the dept of archived darkness and hidden from the world are suddenly exposed and they get the treatment which they are actually worth.

5. SEO friendly:
I tested this widget with Fetch as Google Bot feature in Google's Webmaster tools and found that its SEO friendly. That a great thing to have.

Disadvantages of using LinkWithin

1. Performance
I experienced a slight degradation of my blog performance since I used this widget. The reason for that is the widget searches entire archive of your blog and loads relevent 4 - 5 articles which are related to the current post.

2. Difficult to configure
I am using it with blogger and no matter where i placed the widget it automatically comes under each article. so even if I have used the jump start it still shows those related articles under each displayed article. So if you have 5 articles on main page it would display related articles for each article making 5 articles look like 25 (depends how many articles you chose).

3. Tags
If user click a tag and the tag has 15 articles then the widget would generate 15 X 4 = 60 related articles, which can annoy your readers. Again it depends on number of articles you chose while installation.

I will keep on updating the list as and when I get more updates..

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