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Most Important Must Know Features In Chrome Unavailable In IE and FF.

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Very recently I started using Google Chrome Browser and I came across few very cool and user friendly features. I found Most of them handled in a much better way than IE and Mozilla. I have tried to list those in this article.
The more I learnt about them the more I started loving chrome. So guys just sit back and read the whole article to fall in love with Google Chrome.

1. Search Engine Enabled Address Bar:In case you don’t know this, you can actually use the single address bar in Chrome Browser as a Google search engine as well as address bar. You can enter the search query and website address at the same place.

2. Most Visited Pages In New Tab: 
This is a very good feature which lists out most frequently used webpage’s and recently close webpage’s in the new tab. It’s a great use of the empty space which user sees when he opens a new tab.

3. New Tab Location: 
Whenever you open a new Tab it opens next to the tab from which you invoked the tab opening this is very useful when you have many tabs open and you don’t have to bother going to the end of the tab list to open your recently opened tab. I guess there is some setting in Firefox which enables this but it’s not available by default.

4. Speedy Fast: 
Well this is subjective term but I really found Chrome Browser a touch faster than FireFox and lot faster than IE.

5. Menu Bar: 
The ugly least used Menu bar is totally replaced by a single icon in Chrome Browser. Which makes a person feel as though it’s completely nonexistent? This gives the user a lot more space for site navigation.

6. Default Search Engine:
Even though Chrome Browser is a Google product you can still use any search engine like Bing, Yahoo, without installing any additional plug-in or search bars. All you need to do is Go to Settings > Options > Basics > Default Search > Choose from the drop down your favorite search engine.

7. No Save or Apply Button: 
Chrome Browser options have no Save or Apply button it automatically saves new option selected by user without the user having to press the Save or Apply button.

8. Firebug for Chrome Browser:
Firebug is very useful Firefox add on for web developers, a very similar add-on is preinstalled in Chrome Browser you can access it via Settings > Tools > Developer Tools or simply by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I

8. Webpage find bar:
When you press CTRL + F a very cute little search box gets added in the top right corner of the screen. It occupies only as much space as big the search field is and does not take the entire horizontal space thus saving space for webpage viewing.

9. Private Browsing in Chrome Browser: 
Private browsing in Chrome Browser is called Incognito window. Private browsing in Chrome can be invoked by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N unlike Mozilla’s CTRL+SHIFT+P. One very important thing over here to note is Chrome disables all the add-ons you have installed in Incognito mode.

10. Bookmark Toolbar: 
This is the smartest way in which it is handled in Chrome Browser. You right click on the browser and uncheck Always Show Bookmarks Bar. And you will see it only when you open a new empty tab.

11. Pin Tab:
Pinning a Tab will minimize the tab size to the websites Favicon. It also puts the pinned tab at the start of all the opened tabs and also when you close other tabs the pinned tab remains open. To close a pinned tab in Chrome one has to go to the pinned tab and explicitly close it.

12. Close Tabs to the Right: 
Closes all the tabs to the right of the selected tab except the pinned tabs. This comes in handy when you have many tabs opened and you want to selectively mas close few of the opened tabs. Saves loads of clicks.

To sum up things Google Chrome is highly smart and optimized browser to take your internet browsing experience to the next level. I am really surprised that I didn’t use it for so long but its always “Better late than never”


  1. Nice Information Bro... :)

  2. i have been using most of them... they r really useful
    ”poor sanyiaa”

  3. @Irfan Thanks for Stopping by..@Nitish I think I am also very much feeling the same way..

  4. Useful information again Harshad. Now that you have another contributor to your blog, provision for author's name on each post would help.

  5. Thanks Again Vee..I guess this template is not supporting that thing..I am searching for a workaround..

  6. Very useful info with gud screenshots and simple words.......i loved this one...u have written abut my beloved google chromu........i love it soooooo much........

  7. I also love Chrome very much, Chrome takes the usability to the next level..

  8. Great article. I've been using Chrome for a while now, and I love it. It's easier to use and much faster that IE. But, lately I've been having trouble. Sometimes YouTube videos that are embedded in blog are unplayable. I get a message saying that I need the latest Flash to play them. Chrome says that it is updated and has the latest Flash. Also, sometimes while commenting on blogs Chrome cannot display the catchpha that some people use.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.


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